It is a new commercial film project by Amillidius Production Studio, aimed at Ukrainian and foreign audiences. The short film was shot at the request of the Wall Street Hotel (Ukraine, Odessa). One of the main roles in the film was played by the famous Hollywood actor Eric Roberts.



A screen adaptation of the original script in the genre of an ironic detective story, consisting of three storylines connected by a common location — the Wall Street hotel, which got development and an original denouement, thanks to a criminal incident within the walls of the hotel. The story is about how people, who have secrets, change in critical circumstances, revealing themselves from a not the best side. And this film is also about the fact that the main fears are generated by a bad conscience.



• Video production cost calculation

• Scheduling filming

• Crew formation

• Casting

• Concluding contracts with actors

• Filming schedule coordination with Eric Roberts

• Storyboard

• Shooting equipment selection

• Props selection

• Costume choice



• Shooting

• Installation

• Sound scoring and editing

• Sound explication

• Film soundtrack writing

• Overlay subtitles

• Film’s two language version creation — Russian and English


Film Promotion Marketing Plan

• Marketing plan for promoting the film in runet was developed and implemented.

• Marketing plan for promoting the film on the English-speaking Internet was developed and implemented.

• Film’s logline was written

• Film’s synopsis was written

• Main film posters were created

• Film teaser was created

• Film trailer was created


Project site

The project website was created in Russian and English versions:

• website design development and layout design;

• logical structure design;

• programming (frontend, backend, desktop and mobile version creation);

• site testing;

• content filling;

• setting up a server for hosting and uploading to hosting.

Press conferences

Several press conferences were held, during which journalists’ questions were answered by members of the film crew: Elvira Gavrilova, a film producer and scriptwriter, Igor Ryabchuk, a director, performers of the main roles — Eric Roberts, Anastasiia Bondarchuk, Bohdan Sheludiak, Maryna Kiseleva, singer Maria Smirnova, film soundtrack author and performer — My covert lover


Social networks

The project’s pages in social networks for the Russian Internet and the English-speaking Internet were created: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. By the content plan, posts about the filming process and photos from the set were published.

There are uploaded to the Internet:

• trailers;

• video of press conferences of film crew members;

• backstages from filming,

• video interviews with the film crew members.


Creation of the brand image «The Incident at Wall Street Hotel» in Runet



• A film’s unique image on the web was created.

• The ongoing PR campaign generated the interest of the Internet community in the film even at the filming stage. Today «The Incident at Wall Street Hotel» has been posted on the Amillidius YouTube channel and is available for free viewing. The number of views is growing at a high speed and such dynamics allow us to predict the reaching the million mark shortly.

Mass media about the project